William W. Cohen's Papers: Deep Learning

  1. Chung-Ching Chang, William W. Cohen, Yun-Hsuan Sung (2023): Characterizing Tradeoffs in Language Model Decoding with Informational Interpretations in progress.
  2. Tal Schuster, Adam D. Lelkes, Haitian Sun, Jai Gupta, Jonathan Berant, William W. Cohen, Donald Metzler (2023): SEMQA: Semi-Extractive Multi-Source Question Answering in progress.
  3. Yury Zemlyanskiy, Michiel de Jong, Luke Vilnis, Santiago Ontañón, William W. Cohen, Sumit Sanghai, Joshua Ainslie (2023): MEMORY-VQ: Compression for Tractable Internet-Scale Memory in progress.
  4. Haitian Sun, William W. Cohen, Ruslan Salakhutdinov (2023): Answering Ambiguous Questions with a Database of Questions, Answers, and Revisions in progress.
  5. Michiel de Jong, Yury Zemlyanskiy, Nicholas FitzGerald, Sumit Sanghai, William W. Cohen, Joshua Ainslie (2023): GLIMMER: generalized late-interaction memory reranker in progress.
  6. Wenhu Chen, Hexiang Hu, Yandong Li, Nataniel Ruiz, Xuhui Jia, Ming-Wei Chang, William W. Cohen (2023): Subject-driven Text-to-Image Generation via Apprenticeship Learning in NeurIPS 2023.
  7. Michiel de Jong, Yury Zemlyanskiy, Nicholas FitzGerald, Joshua Ainslie, Sumit Sanghai, Fei Sha, William W. Cohen (2023): Pre-computed memory or on-the-fly encoding? A hybrid approach to retrieval augmentation makes the most of your compute in ICML-2023.
  8. Wenhu Chen, Hexiang Hu, Xi Chen, Pat Verga, William W. Cohen (2023): MuRAG: Multimodal Retrieval-Augmented Generator for Open Question Answering over Images and Text in EACL-2023.
  9. Haitian Sun, William W. Cohen, Ruslan Salakhutdinov (2022): Reasoning over Logically Interacted Conditions for Question Answering in progress.
  10. Michiel de Jong, Yury Zemlyanskiy, Joshua Ainslie, Nicholas FitzGerald, Sumit Sanghai, Fei Sha, William Cohen (2023): FiDO: Fusion-in-Decoder optimized for stronger performance and faster inference in ACL-2023 (Findings).
  11. Wenhu Chen, Hexiang Hu, Chitwan Saharia, William W. Cohen (2023): Re-Imagen: Retrieval-Augmented Text-to-Image Generator in ICLR-2023.
  12. Julian Martin Eisenschlos, Jeremy R. Cole, Fangyu Liu, William W. Cohen (2023): WinoDict: Probing language models for in-context word acquisition in EACL-2023.
  13. John Wieting, Jonathan H. Clark, William W. Cohen, Graham Neubig, Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick (2023): Beyond Contrastive Learning: A Variational Generative Model for Multilingual Retrieval in ACL-2023.
  14. Wenhu Chen, Xueguang Ma, Xinyi Wang, William W. Cohen (2022): Program of Thoughts Prompting: Disentangling Computation from Reasoning for Numerical Reasoning Tasks in progress.
  15. Wenhu Chen, William W. Cohen, Michiel De Jong, Nitish Gupta, Alessandro Presta, Pat Verga, John Wieting (2023): QA Is the New KR: Question-Answer Pairs as Knowledge Bases in AAAI-2023.
  16. Vidhisha Balachandran, Hannaneh Hajishirzi, William Cohen, Yulia Tsvetkov (2022): Correcting Diverse Factual Errors in Abstractive Summarization via Post-Editing and Language Model Infilling in EMNLP-2022.
  17. Haitian Sun, William W. Cohen, Ruslan Salakhutdinov (2023): Scenario-based Question Answering with Interacting Contextual Properties in ICLR-2023.
  18. Bernd Bohnet, Vinh Q. Tran, Pat Verga, Roee Aharoni, Daniel Andor, Livio Baldini Soares, Jacob Eisenstein, Kuzman Ganchev, Jonathan Herzig, Kai Hui, Tom Kwiatkowski, Ji Ma, Jianmo Ni, Tal Schuster, William W. Cohen, Michael Collins, Dipanjan Das, Donald Metzler, Slav Petrov, and Kellie Webster (2022): Attributed Question Answering: Evaluation and Modeling for Attributed Large Language Models in progress.
  19. Wenhu Chen, Pat Verga, Michiel de Jong, John Wieting, William W. Cohen (2022): Augmenting Pre-trained Language Models with QA-Memory for Open-Domain Question Answering in EACL-2022.
  20. Yi Tay, Vinh Q. Tran, Mostafa Dehghani, Jianmo Ni, Dara Bahri, Harsh Mehta, Zhen Qin, Kai Hui, Zhe Zhao, Jai Gupta, Tal Schuster, William W. Cohen and Donald Metzler (2022): Transformer Memory as a Differentiable Search Index in NeurIPS 2022.
  21. Siddhant Arora, Danish Pruthi, Norman Sadeh, William W. Cohen, Zachary C. Lipton, Graham Neubig (2022): Explain, Edit, and Understand: Rethinking User Study Design for Evaluating Model Explanations in AAAI 2022.
  22. Vidhisha Balachandran and Bhuwan Dhingra and Haitian Sun and Michael Collins and William W. Cohen (2021): Investigating the Effect of Background Knowledge on Natural Questions in DeeLIO-2021.
  23. Haitian Sun, William W. Cohen, Ruslan Salakhutdinov (2021): ConditionalQA: A Complex Reading Comprehension Dataset with Conditional Answers in ACL 2022.
  24. Michiel de Jong, Yury Zemlyanskiy, Nicholas FitzGerald, Fei Sha, William Cohen (2021): Mention Memory: incorporating textual knowledge into Transformers through entity mention attention in ICLR 2021.
  25. Keshav Kolluru, Martin Rezk, Pat Verga, William W. Cohen, Partha Talukdar (2021): Multilingual Fact Linking in AKBC-2021.
  26. Julian Martin Eisenschlos, Maharshi Gor, Thomas Muller, William W. Cohen (2021): MATE: Multi-view Attention for Table Transformer Efficiency in EMNLP-2021.
  27. Bhuwan Dhingra, Jeremy R. Cole, Julian Martin Eisenschlos, Daniel Gillick, Jacob Eisenstein, William W. Cohen (2021): Time-Aware Language Models as Temporal Knowledge Bases in preparation.
  28. Haitian Sun, William W. Cohen, Ruslan Salakhutdinov (2021): End-to-End Multihop Retrieval for Compositional Question Answering over Long Documents in preparation.
  29. Avishai Zagoury, Einat Minkov, Idan Szpektor, William W. Cohen (2021): What's the best place for an AI conference, Vancouver or ______: Why completing comparative questions is difficult in AAAI2021.
  30. Haitian Sun, Pat Verga, Bhuwan Dhingra, Ruslan Salakhutdinov, William W. Cohen (2021): Reasoning Over Virtual Knowledge Bases With Open Predicate Relations in ICML2021.
  31. Wenhu Chen, Ming-Wei Chang, Eva Schlinger, William Wang, William W. Cohen (2021): Open Question Answering Over Tables and Text in ICLR-2021.
  32. Pat Verga, Haitian Sun, Livio Baldini Soares, and William W. Cohen (2021): Adaptable and Interpretable Neural Memory Over Symbolic Knowledge in NAACL-2021.
  33. Danish Pruthi, Bhuwan Dhingra, Livio Baldini Soares, Michael Collins, Zachary C. Lipton, Graham Neubig, William W. Cohen (2020): Evaluating Explanations: How Much Do Explanations From the Teacher Aid Students? in preparation.
  34. Bill Yuchen Lin, Haitian Sun, Bhuwan Dhingra, Manzil Zaheer, Xiang Ren, William W. Cohen (2020): Differentiable Open-Ended Commonsense Reasoning in NAACL-2021.
  35. Haitian Sun, Andrew O. Arnold, Tania Bedrax-Weiss, Fernando Pereira, William W. Cohen (2020): Faithful Embeddings for Knowledge Base Queries in NeurIPS2020.
  36. Pat Verga, Haitian Sun, Livio Baldini Soares, and William W. Cohen (2020): Facts as Experts: Adaptable and Interpretable Neural Memory over Symbolic Knowledge in arxiv.
  37. William W. Cohen, Fan Yang, and Kathryn Rivard Mazaitis (2020): TensorLog: A Probabilistic Database Implemented Using Deep-Learning Infrastructure in JAIR.
  38. William W. Cohen, Haitian Sun, R. Alex Hofer, Matthew Siegler (2020): Scalable Neural Methods for Reasoning With a Symbolic Knowledge Base in ICLR-2020.
  39. Bhuwan Dhingra, Manzil Zaheer, Vidhisha Balachandran, Graham Neubig, Ruslan Salakhutdinov, William W. Cohen (2020): Differentiable Reasoning over a Virtual Knowledge Base in ICLR-2020.
  40. Yifeng Tao, Chunhui Cai, William W. Cohen, Xinghua Lu (2020): From genome to phenome: Predicting multiple cancer phenotypes based on somatic genomic alternations bia the genomic impact transformer in PSB-2020.
  41. Andrew O. Arnold, William W. Cohen (2019): Instance-based Transfer Learning for Multilingual Deep Retrieval in arxiv.
  42. Qiao Jin, Bhuwan Dhingra, Zhengping Liu, William W Cohen, and Xinghua Lu (2019): PubMedQA: A Dataset for Biomedical Research Question Answering in EMNLP-2019.
  43. Bhuwan Dhingra, Manaal Faruqui, Ankur Parikh, Ming-Wei Chang, Dipanjan Das, William W. Cohen (2019): Handling Divergent Reference Texts when Evaluating Table-to-Text Generation in ACL-2019.
  44. William W. Cohen, Haitian Sun, Alex Hofer, Matthew Siegler (2019): Differentiable Representations For Multihop Inference Rules in arxiv.
  45. William W. Cohen, Matthew Siegler, Alex Hofer (2019): Neural Query Language: A Knowledge Base Query Language for Tensorflow in arxiv.
  46. Haitian Sun, Tania Bedrax-Weiss, William W. Cohen (2019): PullNet: Open Domain Question Answering with Iterative Retrieval on Knowledge Bases and Text in EMNLP-2019.
  47. Qiao Jin, Bhuwan Dhingra, William W. Cohen, Xinghua Lu (2019): Probing Biomedical Embeddings from Language Models in NAACL-2019.
  48. Haohan Wang, Xiang Liu, Yifeng Tao, Wenting Ye, Qiao Jin, William W. Cohen and Eric P. Xing (2019): Automatic Human-like Mining and Constructing Reliable Genetic Association Database with Deep Reinforcement Learning in Biocomputing.
  49. Haitian Sun, William W. Cohen, Lidong Bing (2018): Semi-Supervised Learning with Declaratively Specified Entropy Constraints in NIPS-2018.
  50. Zhilin Yang, Jake (Junbo) Zhao, Bhuwan Dhingra, Kaiming He, William W. Cohen, Ruslan Salakhutdinov, Yann LeCun (2018): GLoMo: Unsupervisedly Learned Relational Graphs as Transferable Representations in NIPS-2018.
  51. Qiao Jin, Bhuwan Dhingra, William W. Cohen, and Xinghua Lu (2018): AttentionMeSH: Simple, Effective and Interpretable Automatic MeSH Indexer in BioASQ-2018.
  52. Zhilin Yang, Peng Qi, Saizheng Zhang, Yoshua Bengio, William W. Cohen, Ruslan Salakhutdinov, Christopher D. Manning (2018): HotpotQA: A Dataset for Diverse, Explainable Multi-hop Question Answering in EMNLP-2018.
  53. Haitian Sun, Bhuwan Dhingra, Manzil Zaheer, Kathryn Mazaitis, Ruslan Salakhutdinov, and William W. Cohen (2018): Open Domain Question Answering Using Early Fusion of Knowledge Bases and Text in EMNLP-2018.
  54. Bhuwan Dhingra, Qiao Jin, Zhilin Yang, William W. Cohen, Ruslan Salakhutdinov (2018): Neural Models for Reasoning over Multiple Mentions using Coreference in NAACL-2018.
  55. Vidhisha Balachandran and Dheeraj Rajagopal and , Rose Catherine Kanjirathinkal and William W. Cohen (2018): Learning to Define Terms in the Software Domain in W-NUT 2018.
  56. Fan Yang, Jiazhong Nie, William W. Cohen, Ni Lao (2017): Learning to Organize Knowledge with N-Gram Machines in arxiv.org/abs/1711.06744.
  57. Zhilin Yang, Zihang Dai, Ruslan Salakhutdinov, and William W. Cohen (2017): Breaking the Softmax Bottleneck: A High-Rank RNN Language Model in arxiv.org 1711.03953.
  58. Fan Yang, Zhilin Yang, William W. Cohen (2017): Differentiable Learning of Logical Rules for Knowledge Base Reasoning in NIPS-2017.
  59. Zihang Dai, Zhilin Yang, William W. Cohen, and Ruslan Salakhutdinov (2017): Good Semi-supervised Learning that Requires a Bad GAN in NIPS-2017.
  60. William W. Cohen and Fan Yang (2017): TensorLog: Deep Learning Meets Probabilistic Databases in arxiv.org 1707.05390.
  61. Rose Catherine, Kathryn Mazaitis, Maxine Eskenazi, William W. Cohen (2017): Explainable Entity-based Recommendations with Knowledge Graphs (poster paper) in RecSys-2017.
  62. Bhuwan Dhingra, Kathryn Mazaitis, William W. Cohen (2017): Quasar: Datasets for Question Answering by Search and Reading in arxiv 1707.03904.
  63. Bhuwan Dhingra, Zhilin Yang, William W. Cohen, and Ruslan Salakhutdinov (2017): Linguistic Knowledge as Memory for Recurrent Neural Networks in arxiv 1703.02620.
  64. Bhuwan Dhingra, Hanxiao Liu, Ruslan Salakhutdinov, and William W. Cohen (2017): A Comparative Study of Word Embeddings for Reading Comprehension in arxiv 1703.00993.
  65. Rose Catherine, William W. Cohen (2017): TransNets: Learning to Transform for Recommendation in RecSys-2017.
  66. Bhuwan Dhingra, Hanxiao Liu, William W. Cohen, and Ruslan Salakhutdinov (2017): Gated-Attention Readers for Text Comprehension in ACL-2017.
  67. Zhilin Yang, Junjie Hu, Ruslan Salakhutdinov, William W. Cohen (2017): Semi-Supervised QA with Generative Domain-Adaptive Nets in ACL-2017.
  68. Zhilin Yang, Bhuwan Dhingra, Ye Yuan, Junjie Hu, William W. Cohen, Ruslan Salakhutdinov (2017): Words or Characters? Fine-grained Gating for Reading Comprehension in ICLR 2017.
  69. Zhilin Yang, Ruslan Salakhutdinov, William W. Cohen (2017): Transfer Learning for Sequence Tagging with Hierarchical Recurrent Networks in ICLR 2017.
  70. William W. Cohen (2016): TensorLog: A Differentiable Deductive Database in arxiv.org 1605.06523.
  71. Zhilin Yang, Ye Yuan, Yuexin Wu, Ruslan Salakhutdinov, William W. Cohen (2016): Encode, Review, and Decode: Reviewer Module for Caption Generation in NIPS-2016.
  72. Bhuwan Dhingra, Zhong Zhou, Dylan Fitzpatrick, Michael Muehl and William W. Cohen (2016): Tweet2Vec: Character-Based Distributed Representations for Social Media in ACL-2016 (short paper).
  73. William Yang Wang and William W. Cohen (2016): Learning First-Order Logic Embeddings via Matrix Factorization in IJCAI-2016.
  74. Zhilin Yang, Jei Tang, and William W. Cohen (2016): Multi-Modal Bayesian Embeddings for Learning Social Knowledge Graphs in IJCAI-2016.
  75. Zhilin Yang, Ruslan Salakhutdinov, William Cohen (2016): Revisiting Semi-Supervised Learning with Graph Embeddings in ICML-2016.
  76. Zhilin Yang, Ruslan Salakhutdinov, William Cohen (2016): Multi-Task Cross-Lingual Sequence Tagging from Scratch in arxiv 1603.06270.

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